Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Ballad of Three Chilean Hearts

This song was born out of a story I heard during coverage of the Chilean mining incident earlier this year. Upon hearing of the mine collapse, locals came in droves to hold vigil for their trapped countrymen. Friends, co-workers, children, wives, and even mistresses. That is where the story gets interesting.
Miner Celebrating Rescue
One of the miners had both a bride and a mistress, and the subterranean catastrophe brought them together in a way no one had anticipated. I can only imagine the conversation they must have had while waiting for their shared love to return. That is where the song picks up.

The Ballad of Three Chilean Hearts

I came to work today like any other day
Digging coal to earn my bread, turning dirt into my pay
But then the walls came crashing down
Trapping me a mile under ground
Tell me wife I'm doing fine
Stuck down here in this mine
Send food and send some wine
Until then I'll bide my time

I lay these flowers down for my man underground
Our lady pray for us, bring him home safe and sound
Oh god bring my husband back to me
Back to the surface where he's s'posed to be
Tell my husband that I'm here
Tell him there's nothing to fear
I will hold this vigil dear
I will not leave till he's appeared

My love so soft and sweet again when shall we meet
I miss your loving touch In that soft and sweet retreat
My darling soon I'll be above
Hold on tight and do not fret my dove
The darkness of this cave
The secret love we made
Your scarlet passion of saves
Gives me strength and keeps me brave

I heard the new's today my lovers trapped down there
In mourning I will wait until he's in my care
Who are you waiting for my dear
Why does that picture look familiar
My man's been at your door
Senorita tell me more
although you are a whore
Right now I hate him more

Show me the light of day endlessly I fervent pray
Unite me with the one I love and above ground I'll always stay
Is that the rescue team up there
Tell my flower God will soon answer her prayer
As we ascend this hell
My good fortune will tell
Dios me you've served me well
I avoid the death toll bell

Upon the blinding light here I meet a frightening sight
One I'm wed and one I might on a desperate lust filled night
Never were the twain supposed to meet
Suddenly the cavern seems a sweet retreat
Both of you I can explain
No need to be profane
Oh god they wish me pain
Deliver me just once again

Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Please realize that this is an extremely rough cut of this piece – an early draft. stay tuned for harmonization, as well as the possible addition of some accordion accompaniment.

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