Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Shacon for the Rest of Us

My grandfather has imbued in me a deep, devoted love to what is hailed by many as the most delectable meat product ever.

I'm not referring to steak.

I could care less about chicken.

I don't want to hear it from you SPAM lovers.

I am talking about bacon.

The 5th food group

When I travel back to southeast Iowa, I generally stay at my grandfathers house. Tucked back on a rise that offers a view of the surrounding farmland, the ramshackled farmhouse will always conjure memories of archaic tractors, the smell of harvested grain, and the cool water of the lazy creek that wanders through my grandfathers property.

Glistening porcine beauty
On any given trip to the farm, I will consume one to three pounds of bacon. Like potatoes are to the Irish, or corn is in central America, bacon is a staple, integral to life on the Overberg farm.

It's the cornerstone of breakfast.

It's worked into sandwiches at lunch, the perfect accent to white bread and cheese.

I wouldn't eat potato salad without crispy bits of bacon swirled inside. It just wouldn't be right.

So when, in a late night conversation with my friend Paul, we stumbled across a culinary treat that had yet to be baconized, we decided that we should try it. And thus, the shacon was born.

What's Shacon, Baby?

Make your own bacon shake. It's easy as one, two, bacon.

Step one:
Bacon? Check. Ice Cream? Check.

Take bacon, the most important part of any well balanced diet. The crispier the better.

Add generous helpings of vanilla ice cream. It's not the boring option any more.

Splash in minimal amounts of milk for consistency and blend. It does a body good, when mixed with bacon and ice cream.

Add a few pieces of bacon as a garnish and serve to your eager guests!

The creamy deliciousness of bacon

A bacon shake that is both filling and refreshing.

Make these salt-pork smoothies at your next party, and you'll be a hit with all your friends!

My two favorite meals, in one delicious tervis.

Everyone loves the smooth, savory flavor of a refreshing shacon.

Almost everyone. Be warned, the shacon is not for the faint of stomach. It's a real man's ice cream drink.

The luckiest men alive.

Thanks to everyone who joined me on the maiden voyage of this delicious beverage.

Paul couldn't contain himself.

Matt wept when he saw the bottom of his tumbler.

The shacon made Joe's mustache curl in pure delight.

Adam almost threw up. From pure joy.

Thanks also, to my beautiful wife for her culinary advice, and Leigh Ann Hodges for her masterful photography during this adventure.


  1. A man who shares my love of the preeminently palatable pork product of the gods. If you weren't with Annie and I with Beth...

  2. Look! someone who shares your passion for bacon!!
    True story :)

  3. This is totally awesome. Saw this on Gentlemint this evening and had to visit. Nice recipe!