Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa Politics- Caucus the Carcass

Tonight is the political zenith of the Hawkeye state's political influence in the 2012 Presidential race. In a few short weeks, the temporary campaign headquarters will be once again vacant, the 99 county tours will be history, and the television smear campaigns will be bad memories. But for one night, this beleaguered little state will mean acceleration or demise for the Presidential hopefuls of the Grand Ol' Party.

The controversy of state order in the primary/caucus process aside, the democratic process of tonight's event is a fascinating example of societal order. In hundreds of schools, community rooms, libraries, and churches across the rolling hills and barren fields of Iowa, representatives of both parties are gathering to discuss the pressing issues that face their respective organization. In a microcosmic sense, these meetings either solidify or shift the priorities and identities of these political parties. Over the last half-decade, the influence of the "Tea-party", in whatever permutation it may be, has drastically transformed the image of the Republican Party. In doing so, the Republican Party has also transformed the identity of the group that so adamantly proclaims "Don't Tread on Me".

Can you identify all these people?

It seems that, even as the two main political bodies in our current system continue to retreat further into the extreme depths of their own agendas, the void that is created is filled by constituents who long for a practical, centrist approach to running our country. Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to alienate their moderate constituents as they spew divisive language that breeds fear and distrust. Absolutism and concrete conviction is all well and good when discussing political theory in an academic setting, but the day-to-day operations of a country demands more than vacuum-sealed rhetoric.

The Republican candidates who vie for the top seat in their party's race have track records of varied result. Some have been preaching the conservative message since the beginning. Others have a past that is filled with middle-of-the-road, centrist politics. But while the spotlight is on, all of them are depicting themselves as the pristine reincarnation of Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell. These tactics may be appealing to some, but once in The White House, such a one-sided approach will only continue the deadlock and frustration that is currently taking place on Capitol Hill. We've seen the results of staunch opposition on the basis of party loyalties. It doesn't work.

So as my fellow Iowans travel the frigid gravel roads I implore them to use the common sense that I grew up admiring. The events that will unfold tonight represent the fundamental basis of our political process and will shape the way that these two organizations are defined. This is the first of fifty opportunities that will determine the political landscape of our country for the next two to four years. Do not let impassioned speeches and lofty rhetoric cloud your vision of what America actually needs in the coming four years. May your ardent pragmatism reign supreme over your candidate induced tunnel-vision this caucus night.


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