Friday, February 8, 2013

Stories from the Street - Chicago Winters

This episode is a collection of interactions with Chicago’s homeless population during the volatile winter weather. The conversations were surprising, to say the least.
Thanks for lending your ear, your thoughts, and your support.



  1. Interesting. Do you ask them if you can record them before you turn on the recorder? Just curious. One question I wonder about is if homeless people in places like Chicago would like to move to a warmer city. I suppose there are many reasons why they don't or can't. I suspect one of the main reasons they don't move south would be because familiarity with the city they are in, I would think, would be important to safety and security for a homeless person.

    1. Monte,

      I do ask them for permission, and I am sure to hold the mic in a conspicuous location.

      That is a good question. I wanted to ask Orlando why he doesn't go to be with his family in Florida, but the light changed before I could do so.

      I was talking to Brian, and he told me about the loose homeless laws in Tallahassee. Evidently it makes for a large influx of displaced citizens during the winter months.

      I'll try to address that in future interviews. Thanks for the feedback!