Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Hot, but Not Monotonous

Earlier this week, as my wife and I took a stroll through our neighborhood in an attempt to escape the humidity of our poorly-ventilated apartment, our discussion wandered to talk of the trip we took last summer to Paris. It was hot.

Everywhere we went, people were apologizing, saying that this was the most unseasonably hot weather that Paris had seen in decades. And we got to experience it in all its sweaty, humid, un-air conditioned glory.

So as we walked through the cool residential streets near our apartment, we reflected back on that trip. Despite the heat, I will say that the trip was amazing. Melting in Paris is still better than relaxing in Iowa (no offense Iowa). So I went back to the archives and pulled out this footage of one of the more unique moments in our trip.

When in Paris, Watch out for Glass Boxes

Not only was it awesome to see a MIME IN PARIS, but this guy was pretty talented. To bad he got shut down by the man.

We need more street performers in the USA. Especially mimes.

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