Friday, May 6, 2011

Turkey Scratch

I was doodling a while back, and came up with this:

I'll name him Frankin, in honor of a true turkey advocate.

My interpretation of a turkey. Though not drawn from my own hand, I determined that using the hand as a model would lend itself to a greater level of realism. I feel that I achieved that in this rendering.

It looks like a pretty realistic turkey to me.

Don't judge my artistic abilities. Among elementary art classes, I'm a visionary.

Though some people see doodling as rude, wasteful, or unproductive, there have actually been studies that show the positive effects of doodling on memory and comprehension.

Many great thinkers used the margins to explore their best ideas, and to the general public, it appeared to be nothing but gibberish and doodling.

So to those who scoff at my doodles, I offer the following message, conveyed in a medium that I hope you will appreciate:

Franklin thanks you for your support.

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